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  1. I have a question
    Last week or so i truned Active member
    i do not know how i turned to active member
    I know you have to do some kind of acheviements
    Anyway i want to be a well-known member
    If u know anything about this please post a link below or help me by posting a post below
  2. Be a good member of the forums and get the likes! Pretty much the key to EMC forum success:)
  3. Well-Known member rank is given to a player when they get 100 likes, from what I understand. I just became one a few days ago! :D
  4. I thought it had something to do with forum posts. Not really sure. Maybe likes.
  5. I have not ever heard an official statement from the Staff about this; but I do believe it is directly related to your trophy points on your profile page
  6. Trophy points is what makes your status go up. As you progress in points, you'll receive different titles on this website. You have "New Member, Member, Active Member, and Well-Known Member" I believe. That's what you have to do to get trophies. Hope this helped. :)

    Adding on, in case you didn't know, you have the supporter membership titles. Iron supporters = $5 donor, Gold supporters = $10 donor, and Diamond Supporter = $20. IF you are interested in donating, go here!
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  7. Way to sell the supporter packages shannon.
  8. Here is the trophy points value:

    Here is the points vs. member status:

    0 Points = New Member
    5 Points = Member
    25 Points = Active Member
    45 Points = Well-Known Member
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  9. I have 63 points. So I own EMC now?
  10. Thx to all of you
  11. I have 118 points so I own EMC now.

  12. i have 123 points. so i'm higher than you too :p
  13. Girls can't run a business
  14. i have a photography business. it brings in a lot of money. mind to tell me again girls can't run a business?
  15. GOT OWNED!!
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  16. Girls can't run a business!

    Now can we just go along without reporting that I said this to krysyy. I really like this whole living business I'm currently running.
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  17. Ignoramoose said girls can't run a business.I trust his judgment.
  18. This is very mean to batt! Anyone can run a buissness.... I saw a woman ran a library! :p
  19. he was just being a smart >insert donkey photo< and telling me again since that is what i asked. lol

    lets compare your income and mine, :D
  20. Well obviously not. I mean, they've got the cooties. Could you imagine the ramifications if cooties got into the workforce?!?! Civilization would end as we know it.
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