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  1. Does EMC use a custom mod? Cause if so i have a suggestion 4 it
  2. EMC plugins are all custom
  3. EMC uses a few mods that are custom, but in the long run it is to provide a better experience for the user while still maintaining as much of the "vanilla" feel as possible.

    What plugins are you referring to?
  4. Let me restate this:) All of the plugins are modified/adapted/customized for EMC, Justin edits them for perfect use. Like the res plugin, from what i have heard, is definitly edited for us:)
  5. I suggest putting the idea in the "Acceptable EMC Mods" forum.
  6. He put this in the right forum, he is just asking if we use custom stuff so he can see if we would implement an improvement. This isnt about a mod he wants to use.
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  7. Ok cause i was wondering if with the res plugin, Justin could add rents? so ppl wouldn't have to pay every time. It would just do it automatically. And if the renter doesn't have enough money, he auto gets kicked from the rent and everything get stored into his inventory. And to choose the walls is with ether a sort of wand (bringing up world edit XD) and to click the roof, the floor and the walls. Oh and the rent owner can build in it but not destroy. Than put a sign that says rent than on the next line the price. Just asking. Im pretty sure if Justin can make the res plugin, he can make this. I know it will take a lot of coding, but im just asking.
  8. Whats the point.. people have there own res? :S I just dont see the point of hotels and such..
  9. Well ya... I guess.
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  10. Ok
  11. They do use custom plugins but not the entirely of it. Multiverse and DynMap are not custom. Residence has 2 versions which is coded by Bekvon and code has been contributed by JustinGuy. There is a public version but it doesn't include all the awesome features that the Residence version we have here at EMC.
  12. You see ...... In EMC, the server is a mod! We are computer generated! Its just your wild imagination!
  13. Why automate somehing that's so simple manually...
    If someone doesn't pay rent on time then I kick them out. End of story.
  14. Lol
  15. On topic much?
    You can post that on his profile, you know...
  16. Hokay
  17. I love to see the hotels and guesthouses. I usually buy a room there so I do not have to remember to pay rent.
    I think it should stay manual. A friend of mine ran a hotel once and most of the fun was kinda to keep track of the rooms and who payed. He made his own excel sheet for it and gave warnings and notices before reclaiming a room. Would be hard to automate that and take the fun of interacting with your guests.