[question] would anyone pay 250k for eggnog

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  1. Hi everyone, I have an eggnog and I'm wondering how much its worth from seeing earlier sales I've put up this price
  2. Nope. I would not even pay 100k for one. Probably 50k. To be honest, I dont think they are worth that much, but here is the catch, yet.
  3. well I know 2 have been sold for 200k so far
  4. What is this eggnog everyone is talking about?
  5. Yep, 2. And many many more for under 50k ;)
  6. That's really kool :D
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  7. Come on. This is like the 9th time I've seen someone go on about the 200k eggnog deal. I sold it to someone who didn't get at the drop party and they wanted one really bad. Just because I got 200k for one doesn't mean that's the flying rate. Alex sells his for 200k, yeah, but he actually bought it for 40k to begin with and it was on sale for 80k. I asked him and he told me that he hoped nobody would buy it so he overpriced it and raised to 200k. In the end Alex wanted to keep his.

    I bought 3 for about 50k each and so have a lot of other people. 200k was the absolute peak and only in a special circumstance. :)
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  8. I bought one for 29k the other day. It was only because the person wanted it so much they paid 200k.