[Question] What is your favorite Soda

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  1. What is your favorite soda?
    Answer that in this thread. Put the brand name of the soda in your post so we know what kind it is
  2. Pepsi.
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  3. Coca-Cola
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  4. Guarana Antartica
  5. For some reason Crush or ginger ale...
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  6. Nuka-Cola,
    oh wait, hang on...
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  7. I don't drink soda. Actually, very rarely I will drink a Mountain Dew to help with my migraines.
  8. same here. Even then i think mountain dew will give you radiation poisoning.
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  9. Sprite
  10. I'm rather partial to Splode myself

    but Coca-Cola is good too
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  11. Dr.Pepper or the spin offs :)
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  12. here are just a few:
  13. Dr. Kelp from Spongebob
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  14. I like Dr.Bob you get it at stop n shop here :) It's more bubbly
  15. Mr. Pibb is my favorite
  16. 1. Coke. :D
    2. Pepsi. :D
    3. Sprite. :D