[Question] What is your favorite childhood toy.

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  1. Answer the question and Rate the toy belonging to the person above you

    I'll start. My favorite childhood toy was a Blue Hot Wheels BMW car that I've had since I was 2
  2. playmobil!
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  3. Thomas the train engine!!!!
  4. until you step on them
  5. This.
  6. Exactly

  7. This ^

    (If that isnt a toy, than this----

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  8. i remember it was my 7th birthday and my cousin gave me his old nintendo 64. he had no use and there were almost no games with it but i was at that moment the happiest person in the world
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  9. I remember my cousin doing the same for me at about age 5 or 6, I would spend hours playing old james bond and pokemon games on that thing as well as mario and much more .
  10. Well.
    Um maybe when I was very little I had this collecter item Spaceship thing that I used 24/7
  11. Legos and Light Bright were always my favorites. I still have a ton of lego things I built 7+ years ago in my room. After that I was basically addicted to my computer.