[Question] Twin Outposts

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  1. Okay so I was just thinking one day and thought "Hey wouldn't it be great if we could have a community of two outposts!" It would be like a twin cities thing. It exist in real life, Arlington and Washington DC, NYC and Newark. Is this possible if the outpost founders chose to do this?
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  2. I will guess so if they notify staff
  3. This sound cool!
  4. Are you saying that the outposts merge but has two halfs?
    I think when empires are added there can only be one HQ, so I'm not sure if this would work.
  5. No I'm saying that there would be two outposts that are individual but still cooperate. They are still two unique outposts just very close to one another (like Arlington and Washington DC)
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  6. Why wouldn't you be able to do that?
  7. We have something similar to this at my outpost, with actually 3 nearby outposts claimed by current members/pseudo-members of our main one. This was done intentionally to serve as a protective buffer around our strategic center. Each are at the required distance away, so the borders don't overlap in case we do in the future have a friendly split.
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  8. I'd suggest Private messaging Staff, but I don't think you can do this. You are always welcomed to building a small city next to your outpost, it just wouldn't be counted as an outpost till accepted.

    Maybe you could make a road connecting your outpost to the other outpost and that would be a lot more realistic as all cities are pretty far apart, in North Carolina that is. As long as it follows the requirements you're good! That is my suggestion.
  9. I'd you are away from another base just close to one you are part of, then you both have to give permission to claim the bases. I have 7 bases very close to each other and had to claim each one separate.