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  1. Hey, EMC! I was wondering if the "/ch e" players messages should be showed in chat.

    So, I'm talking to a friend, and then all these messages appear from people in the economy chat talking about youtube (lol misuse of /ch e), and shops and stuff. But what annoys me is that I can see the people in economy chat even though I am still in Town chat. I guess it's only annoying to me, but I just wanted to get this out there.

    Suggestion: Change it to where only people in E chat can see E chat? (E= economy)

    E Notch: Blah blah blah EULA minecraft blah blah <--- I'm not in "/ch e", so why do I see it?
    T herocrafter2912: OMG NOTCH STOP THAT CRAP!
    herocrafter2912 was kicked by "insert mod here" for caps.
  2. I think you can actually ignore the channel. Something like /ignore economy? I can't quite remember what it is - but for those not interested in economy related things at that time, I am pretty sure it can be turned off now. :)
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  3. /chat hide economy
  4. You are "In" the channel. In EMC, you do not switch in and out ofchannels when you switch your active chat.

    All /ch E does is say that you want to send your message to Economy, then everyone whos able to receive economy messages will see it.

    Everyone in Town is in economy chat until they leave it.

    If we changed it to not show unless your active channel is E, that would defeat the purpose of the channel as no-one would see the messages.

    The idea is to provide the option to opt out of the messages if you so desire. So if you don't want to see economy messages, hide it and you also won't see people mis-using it (which is honestly silly, as E chat offers no benefit over Town chat, which Town chat is heard by more people than E does)