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  1. Hey all! I've been working on various projects lately that have necessitated me giving people use and/or build perms on my residence. I've been wondering lately, does anyone know if you can give someone use perms on your residence, but still lock certain items for your own personal access? For example, say setting a flag with /res pset playername use true, but then still locking one chest so only I can access it with the [access] sign (or will LOCK work in town)? Sorry if this question has been answered before, I did some searching around on the forums and couldn't find it.
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  2. Don't give them container perms and then set up a chest for them to access instead.
    Use allows other players to USE items, such as Enchanting Tables, Furnaces, Crafting Tables, etc. It does not automatically allow chest access...
  3. Awesome, thanks for clearing that up for me. :D I'm still trying to get a hang of the flags and permissions.
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  4. If you give someone container permissions, they have access to every chest on your lot, even if they are restricted using [access] signs with yours or other players names on it.
    It is much easier to deny everything but enable use of certain things, then it is to enable everything and deny them use of certain things.
    Hope this makes sense :p
  5. Is it possible to give Everyone access to one chest via an [ ACCESS ] sign?
  6. It does! Thanks. :D Reason I asked was I was thinking of setting up an apartment complex, and giving all residents use and/or container perms so they could use a community workshop/smelting/enchanting area, while keeping my stuff relatively protected. I figured there'd be too many residents to make signs (since the limit is 3 names per sign), but it looks like I'll have to just allow all to access the area and crafting tables/smelting etc., and just give no one use or container perms. Anyway, thanks for the help! :)
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  7. You sure can, just put "everyone" in the second line on the sign. :)
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  8. Excellent, thank you! I wasn't familiar with this system.