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  1. Me and my group of close friends have been wondering for a while, what exactly is EMCs policy on spaghetti, but I was like, "What if I get banned for this? What if EMC is spastic 4 spaghetti? WHAT IF THEY'RE COMMUNISTS, FASCISTS, OR EVEN BAGUETTES?"
    So if I could please get a not-so-serious response, I'd love you more than my favorite sandwich, which is a high honor.

    On a completely random note too, can anyone identify the difference between soft and smooth? Thanks, and good luck on your vacation!
  2. soft is fluffy and cuddly, smooth is hard and shiny and sleek
  3. Well, it is allowed unless it is used to create a flying spaghetti monster

    Olaf_C: Soft is squishy while smooth is can or cannot be that
    ISMOOCH: Soft is punching a baby. Smooth is punching Jean Claude Van Damme when he is wearing lotion.

    EDIT: wait, what did i just say?
  4. So it's ok on a language basis, but idk, it could offend some people's beliefs if you say it in the wrong context.

    PS how do I make my quotes say " blahblahblah said:"
  5. include the person's exact name including capitalization like this
  6. I am infinitely confused.
  7. Wha? ...

    Anyway. Smooth = Constant level surface. Can also be soft.
    Soft = easy to press, bend, meld. Can also be smooth.

    :) I hope that confuses you a little more.
  8. the answer lies in this puzze
    soft is sometimes smooth
    when not smooth is is sometimes soft
    without being hard it is maybe smooth
    if soft It cannot be hard unless not smooth but rough sometimes
    if not smoothly hardened on a soft rougher then smooth without soft

    I hope you are infinitly confused x2
    I think this deserves a picture
  9. lol.
    So many possible theoretical theories about this :O It's like describing pain. What is pain? Is it simply defined as a nerve reaction, a reaction that can't even be described scientifically, or bread? And yes, it is actually French for bread. Ever see the "Bread is Pain" splash on Minecraft? Yep.
  10. actually i have no idea wtc i said i just made random crap up and hope you thought it made sense
  11. I think that is pretty much what most of us did.
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