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  1. So guys... i just became member soooo...... YAYYYY, anyways.. i am going to be doing something called question of Today! Something like RayWilliamJohnson, but with different questions, and who knows maybe mine and Ray's might be the same! Heres Todays:
    What are you doing for Holloween?
    Leave a comment Please, Thanks! ;)

    -Disclaimer, I am not copying Ray i just thought it would be a good idea, if ours are the same, i would have said so in description and ask permission. Please do not accuse me of stealing! Thank You!
  2. I moved this thread to miscellaneous discussion, as it didn't fit into community creations (that is for posting images of things you made on the server).

    For Halloween I am going to be an old man this year, and just spend it at home with my wife and hand out candy :)
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  3. i am doing the same as justin except with no wife lol (the lol is really cries but eh im 20 still got time to get me a proper gf to make into a wife)
  4. ill be going on a date, probably to Vince's(google it. they rock) then heading home to watch a few scary movies
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  5. I will be working on Halloween agian...:(
  6. Lol great ideas guys! Keep the comments Coming!
  7. We dont celebrate halloween nuff said xD
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  8. It will be just another day for me. Videogames with my friends. :)
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  9. taking the kids out for candy so I can eat it when they go to sleep... i'm sacrificing my self for their betterment.
  10. You don't celebrate Halloween? may i ask why?
  11. Usual stuff during the day
    At night: either relaxing and having a drink with my girlfriend or crashing/attending a party. :)
  12. Yeah, that's a bit unusual..
  13. Im riding in a polocrosse match then im going to ride around on my horse in costume. what should my horse and i dress up as?
  14. I think as far as halloween costumes for horses go,I think you're pretty limited for choice there, Crabigail.
  15. what the hell, who removed my post? About rubbish bins?????
  16. here it is again:

    Every year me and my brother take it in turns to hide in our rubbish bin, you know the ones with wheels. So he or i wheel it around and place it in random areas of the neighbourhood. He and I use 2 ways radio transmittors and let each other know when the little kids are passing the bin. At that point we jump out and give them a frieght. Of course they drop all of their lollies, so i jump out and grab them all. Hahahaha me and my bro cause so much trouble. Who needs to knock on peoples doors, when u can just steal them from little kids :D
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  17. This is brilliantly cruel! Hats off to you, sir! I MUST copy your idea. Hope you dont mind. :D
  18. Sure thing, it works every time hahahah
  19. Im getting to big for the bin now, hopeing i can fit in just this one last time, Got a blody scary mask that im gonna wear.... XD
  20. You're lucky I'm not admin of your city. That's greifing and you'd be banned. :D
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