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  1. Hey guys! A couple of things before i give u the question! I am going to have to make it question of the WEEK cause i am getting less and less ideas to put... but for today! Here it is:
    Question: Are you going to Trick or Treat the kids who come to your door this holloween?
    Leave any kind of comment Thanks!
  2. Every year me and my brother take it in turns to hide in our rubbish bin, you know the ones with wheels. So he or i wheel it around and place it in random areas of the neighbourhood. He and I use 2 ways radio transmittors and let each other know when the little kids are passing the bin. At that point we jump out and give them a frieght. Of course they drop all of their lollies, so i jump out and grab them all. Hahahaha me and my bro cause so much trouble. Who needs to knock on peoples doors, when u can just steal them from little kids :D
  3. Lolz so cruel... but i guess i can get a good laugh out of that :p
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