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  1. Hello Empire.

    I currently have 3/2 residences. I have a max res voucher. Should I use it, will I get another res, for 4/3 res's, or will I just have 3/3?

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  2. That's an interesting one. I have 4/1, so I hope if I got a max res voucher, I would be able to get 5/2 rather than having to fill up the slots I had bought before :L Will be good to find the answer to this too :p
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  3. I`m confused with da 4/3 stuff XD
  4. Four out of three residences... Explanation:
    I have four residences because I used to be a Diamond Member
    I am now a free member but I still have four residences even though my cap is one
    So my residences (4) and cap (1) goes together to make 4/1 essentially... Like, I have four out of one? :p
  5. I will need to double check with Aikar, but I THINK it's going to be 3/3 residences.

    But, this changes depending on how you got your 3rd residence.

    If your 3rd residence is left over from a diamond supporter status in the past, then you will go to 3/3.

    If your 3rd residence was attained through a max res voucher, you will go to 4/3. This is because Aikar has it set where max res vouchers stack on top of your allowed number (based on iron, gold, or diamond) until EULA compliance sets in.

    Once again, I need Aikar to make sure this is right and he didn't change anything recently.

    Edit: checked with Aikar and crossed out incorrect section
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  6. I have my home, home 2, and home 4. I will not get another res?
  7. The vouchers only increase your cap, and does not have any aspect on how many you CURRENTLY have.

    So if you are 3/2, and use a voucher, you will be 3/3.

    Vouchers only increase the right hand side of the /, and remember that Diamond has +2 temporarily. So if you're diamond at 4/4, use a voucher to get 5/5, then lose diamond you will be 5/3.

    So if you want to get a 4th res, you will either need to use 2 vouchers (And permanently have 4/4), or temporarily get Diamond Supporter.
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  8. Would it be possible to PM an admin and have them manually add diamond supporter, by paying $10, and claim all my res's today, even though the res's I want aren't derelict, and use the voucher today to get a fifth res? All in 11 hours and 7 minutes?
  9. Will the for free players be 2 reses?
  10. Since you recently subbed to gold then yes that is fine to do. Please send manual payment (and put in the box upgrade from gold to diamond) and well do it as soon as we can.

    You can even use the voucher any time you want, as voucher will bring you to 3/3, then Diamond will +2 on top of that to be 3/5.
  11. There will be an option to earn 2 additional residences as a free player by voting and earning tokens.

    So I encourage you to start voting now if you aren't, so that you will be closer/able to redeem the first Residence Voucher once it is added.
  12. 18 voting streak atm :p
  13. So as I am at 4/1, my voting would only get me to 4/3 tops if I used all the vouchers I get from voting?
  14. Keep it up, the vote streak is very likely to be 100 and 200 needed for the vouchers :)
  15. You are 4/2 :) You had me confused when you said /1 so I double checked. All previous and current Gold/Diamond supporters receive 1 free perm increase.
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  16. Will these be permanent? I want all my res's next to each other, but am waiting for some to go derelict.
  17. Ah, I didn't realize :p Thanks! That would bring me to 4/4 then with voting, and if I want any residences afterward then I can buy some more :)
  18. Well if you can find the Residences available... We can't unclaim something that isn't derelict, but we can get you to 3/5 quickly.
  19. You will have to purchase the max res vouchers from other players once EULA compliance sets in. We will be unable to sell extra lots.
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  20. That's what I meant from buy some more, as in buy some from other players, but thanks ;)
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