[Question] Managing DP Parties

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How much items do I need for a good lasting DP?

None. <---- DONT PICK THIS ONE. 4 vote(s) 80.0%
SC 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Finally, its revealed, I'm doing my first ever drop party for my 1 year on emc (not on this account :p) It is probably going to be on the weekend, so I am expecting a lot of players. I don't know how much items I need for a weekend drop party, so please tell me some amount like 2 DCs or stuff like that. I need enough items for about a 30- 1 hour drop party, after 1 hour, its starts to get boring. ;)
    Note: This is not the official thread because I need all the items first. :p
    I might add a little "twist" to my DP so keep looking for updates! :)
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  2. Oops accidently hit the enter for the poll so other answers are DC and 2DCs and more.
  3. Bump. Can someone please tell me how much items I will need?
  4. I once had a big drop party with over 80DC of drops, lasted maybe like over 2 hours.
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  5. I don't recall how long my drop party lasted, probably around an hour or so and I had ~55 DCs of stuff.

    You can partly control how much time it takes by how fast you have the redstone timers running. I purposely slowed mine down a bit at first but it was taking forever so I went and sped them up.