[Question] Is there a demand for Gold or God apples.

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  1. I just want to know if there is a demand for gold apples, carrots or god apples. Before i decide to sell them as a section in my gold shop :).
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  2. I will stop by and buy such items. :)
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  3. With Mob Arena on at least twice a week, god apples are usually in quite high demand. If you get advertising and pricing right, I think people will definitely be interested. If you find some horse lovers then golden carrots may be of use too :p
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  4. Well thanks to equablehook i am out for a bit lol but i am restocking an SC back already XD.
  5. Ok ill bring my gold ive collected so far back to town today :)
  6. Yup, golden items do pretty well!
    You can also sell gold blocks next to the gold and god apples as well!
    Gold carrots are cheaper than gold apples for breeding! (farming for apples is harsh in my book)

    I would recommend to have a low(er) stock of made items, but have the gold nearby for players to purchase.
    If you sell out of golden items, restock with a couple more. Sell out again, restock yet again with a couple more.
    This way you are not crafting a load of items, and have the raw resources to craft more of whatever you sell out of, and give your customers the choice to craft their own!

    Good luck! I am sure a lot of people will be interested!
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  7. Thanks highlancer
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  8. Moved to the correct forum for you :)
  9. i don't need anyway anymore i got my answer :)