Question for all of you guys!!!

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  1. I have thought about this and have even talked to an admin before (which was awhile ago, i believe 2-3 months or so)

    I have become to the point where i no longer have any sort of Rupee problem, and would like to set up a system for those who would like to borrow money (like a bank) and they would pay me back within a certain point, with a small fee for me loaning out money (ofcourse) because this is money that i could have on me, so i would have to keep some form of interest.

    Then we get to that touchy subject known as Fraud...

    I have been on the empire for almost 4 months now, and know that fraud and other people stealing

    peoples item/money is a Huge problem (unfortunately :mad:) Now i feel that through the time i have played, i feel that i have gained a level of trust from certain players throughout (mostly) smp3.

    Now there is 2 things wrong with this idea...
    1. The problem of people trying to do ^^^^ this, and SCAMMING innocent players from their money, or whatever. I know this is my biggest fear with something like this, and is why i always remain skeptical about these type of things (as i EXPECT you to be)
    2. The problem of the person taking out a loan NOT paying back the money borrowed. I think i thought of a very fair and efficient way to getting this whole process to be with minimal fraud involved.

    Now here's where you let me know how you think about this....

    I had a great idea to create a contract that would have Blank ________ lines in it stating EXACTLY what the prices, amount of rupees wanting to be borrowed, interest, etc, and would then send the blank form to the ''customer'' where they would fill it out with their name (multiple times) in a private chat discussion where i would there take Screenshots of the whole conversation (to assure nothing gets edited or something) and that person (along with me) would therefor be in a contract with me, which they would be compelled to comply with.

    Now... I don't know what the punishments should be for people who refuse to pay back (i know you couldn't get your money back) but i feel that considering they signed a contract and they dont pay you back, this would technically be considered theft, which based on the EMC regulations would get you banned.

    So i ask you, the emc community, what do you think of what i have said above (i know it was a bit lengthy, sorry about that) and would you trust me as a person loaning you money?

    I appreciate all feedback, positive and negative, and would also like suggestions on if you have a more efficient way for me to ''loan'' people rupees. Thanks :)

  2. there is already a topic about this going on in market place.
  3. Is there? I was not aware
  4. I thought of this kind of system a while ago - except it was a grieving insurance idea. Feel free to use the idea :)
  5. What would you do if say, someone had a junk account, borrowed money on that, then gave it to another account and the junk account never paid you (or anyone else) back. There would not be a way to prove that the junk account belonged to the second account person, and they could even move it around a bit more first.

    Now you might say who would buy a junk account from Mojang just to do this, well because if you could borrow more than say 9,000 or so rupees from in-game financial institutions, I imagine if this gets a green light, there will be more than you offering the service, you're already saving money scamming than using the buy rupees tab on the website.

    Edit: Thinking some more on this, why not run a Pawn Shop. Give loans for collateral, if they don't pay you back you sell the items. You'd still want your contract system to protect your buyers so that when they come to reclaim, you didn't just sell them before the allotted time..