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  1. Hi,

    Everytime when I'm on the forum on the top of the page stands:

    But that is my E-Mail! Knows someone how to fix the problem? If I open the link and write the E-Mail address and push 'save' it still stands there.

    [SCREENSHOT:] Frage.png
  2. I don't know if you have tried this yet - but try clicking on it; and re-enter the same email.
  3. -WitherGamer
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  4. Adblock FTW!
  5. Making EMC and other deserving sites lose money... not FTW... :/
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  6. Wow, I fail :p
    I have like 3 e-mails personally, I only use 2 of them. have you tried registering a different e-mail then switch back... If all else fails - PM IcecreamCow. He would be able to sort it out for you :)
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  7. Pshh they dont know ;)
  8. I get the same message with my email address. I'm guessing that we're both using not very well know email clients (I'm using mail.com) and that it checks the domain against a list of "well known" email providers and doesn't find ours. I have seen sites which do that but I'd say that is an outdated way to check if an email is valid.
  9. Thanks, that was rigth, I wrote a wrong email address, saved, tipped my right one and now it is allright!

    thank you all for your help ;)
  10. Glad to hear you got it figured out. :)