[Question] Birthday Cake Misprint

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  1. Hi!

    On the wiki page for EMC Birthday Cakes, a special version of the 2014 BDay cake is mentioned. Instead of having "2014" on it, it is incorrectly labeled as the 2013 Birthday Cake. Since they were only available in the first minute of the promo being available...

    1. About how many actually exist?
    2. What is one worth?

    That's pretty much all. I'm trying to build up my promo collection a bit, and this tickled my fancy.
  2. Not sure how much are out there but I think 750k or more approx. But the amount all depends on if there is someone wanting to sell it and their price.
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  3. As far as i know there are 3-4 of them and last sold for 1.5 mil
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