Question about TNT limits

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  1. So does those limits mean that the TNT is spaced out in exploding completely? E.g. if I put down four TNT, they'll all explode at different times.

    Also, why does the wiki say 4-8, what is the variance?

    I'm thinking about a network of towers for elytra, and am wondering about building something that looks like this:

  2. The chain reaction of TNT explosions is limited. If you activate all of the TNT with redstone you should have no issues. Just by looking at the video thumbnail, that should work.

    Don't quote me on this though, it's been a while since I've played with TNT.
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  3. This sounds right. Then again, I did just quote DJ on it D:
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  4. Thanks. If it's true, then this server just got a huge gift. :)