Question about the wilderness frontier

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  1. i saw in the tutorial all those crazy ass monsters etc, but i went really so much around and didnt see anything about that.
    where can i find them? please help
  2. Enraged mobs and mini bosses all spawn like regular monsters. Eventually if you wait long enough, one will spawn. This can take days since they are very rare.
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  3. Usually through one full night you'll see 3-5. It helps if you move around, though. For more information, visit
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  4. If you go hunting at night, you have a good chance of seeing an enraged creeper, skeleton, or zombie. Momentus and Marlix are harder to find. Good luck hunting!
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  5. oh thanks, so its random spawn? its not like if i keep changing islands i have more chances to find them?
  6. Its random, and in my experience your chances are greater if you stay on one smp (at night) and wander around, instead of jumping smps. Deserts or plains make it a little easier to spot them.
  7. Yes, it is random. As soon as a normal zombie, skeleton, or creeper spawns, it has a very small chance to turn into an enraged mob. I don't know the exact percentage.
  8. Server hopping can help if you find 2 servers that have opposite days/nights, since they only spawn at night.
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  9. what? all special mobs spawns only at night? :O
  10. Well only in the dark, so basically only at night. Caves are the exception.
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