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  1. Ok so I maybe exceptionally dumb but I can't seem to find an answer. So Sunday I did the one time payment thing to get gold status. The payment has cleared on my card but I still don't have supporter status (either on forum or on server). Is it just a slow process or do I need to be worried that I did something incorrectly... :(
  2. You should be receiving the Gold Voucher via /mail. So just do '/mail get 1' and the Gold Supporter Voucher should appear in your hand. If you haven't received it in your mail yet then either be patient (It might be a slow process) or contact a Senior Staff member =)
  3. Did you use the manual payment button or did you press on the "Buy Gold" at the bottom of the Gold Membership section? If you pressed the buy gold one for $10 and paid it then it should had gone through straight away... If you used manual payment then you'll have to PM Krysyyjane9191 with your purchase ID and tell her who you want the supportership to go to. If you did the normal payment and it didn't go through then PM Krysyy anyways, she may be able to grant you the Supporter or something along those lines :)
  4. Well I PM'd Kryssyjane like the manual payment says but nothing I'll be patient see what happens.
  5. Make sure you show Krysyy your Purchase ID and tell her what you want and she'll get around to giving it to you. :)
  6. I got your message. I'll take care of it when I can access paypal in roughly 5 hours =)
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  7. Ok thanks sorry if I'm a pain :< I don't mean to be.