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  1. First off I'm not asking when this will happen or for it to be done faster lol

    My questions is about undiscovered area's of the map. This is the only server I've been on and I've not been here when there has been a major update. When 1.8 gets rolled out, how do the new features get generated? For example will all areas of the map that have not been discovered, be changed to 1.8? (ie blocks, animals, etc.)

    Also for an area in the overworld that has yet to be discovered but the nether area has been used, will the overworld still be undiscovered? (Hope that makes sense) Best example I can come up with.. I have an area in the nether that I have been using and it was discovered while on 1.7.10 on the server, BUT I haven't made a portal to the overworld above. This area (the overworld) is still considered undiscovered? and if say a witch hut was up there it would have the extra spawn space that only spawns in 1.8?

    Sorry if this is confusing lol
  2. Anything that hasn't generated yet will be generated using the 1.8 world generation for said server's seed. New witch huts should work like in 1.8, not sure about old ones though, they may be broken if they aren't present in the 1.8 generation. (ie you currently have a witch hut at 100,100, but in 1.8 there isn't one generated there, then it may be broken).
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  3. Wait, does the same happen with Slime Chunks? I wouldn't think so, but just to confirm.
  4. I have no clue, this is just speculation based off of how Guardians will spawn in "1.7" areas where a temple should have spawned if it was a fresh map. If it works that way, then I guess it could work the other way too?:confused: