Question about rez spawn location

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Thaedor, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Does making a portal and using it to go from nether to wild change your spawn location in regards to where you resurrect? Like to explore from my wilderness base but sometimes I do get into situations that I can't handle and die. Tired of the long run back from the Wilderness spawner. Any suggestions are helpful. ty
  2. If you place a bed and sleep in it, you'll spawn there when you die, so maybe put it by where you're working?
  3. I didn't think the bed trick worked on multiplayer servers like Empire. doh
  4. I'm pretty sure it works. Worked last time I did it and ended up lost in the wild again :p
    This works well with the new no loss of XP system that Justin's finished working on, too. :)
  5. I see my issue, I explore underground on Utopia and you can only sleep at night. 24 daytime does have a drawback I guess. To bad we can't have a one minute night once an hour or so, so we could change our rez location.
  6. yep that's the down side of utopia eternal day time. the nether portal thing doesn't work though.
  7. I am not becoming a supporter bcuz u need to pay money and another downside of the Utopia wild is that u cant hunt monsters :(
  8. You can where it's dark like caves.
  9. i know i can hunt in caves but still my mom doesnt want me to spend money on becoming a supporter:( I told her ill use my own money but she STILL wont listen:mad:
    I also like to hunt mosters where I can see them(in the open because theres always a little bit of light)
    And im afraid of getting lost in the cave it has happened before and it was a nightmare i nearly died:eek: