Question about residences.

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  1. lets say SMP3 comes out. is it possible for me to move my res and my creations in it to smp3? (From SMP2)

    cause smp2 is ALWAYS FULL
  2. well you could get a res in smp3 by abandoining your res and moving to it. you can do this with the new features Justin has implemented. the command is /res unclaim once unclaimed you can claim a res on smp3. you can get your items in them by using the cross server vault. just type /purchase vault and your vault will be open. from then you can put items in you want to get from smp2 to smp3 then you can do the same to retrieve them. How ever to my knowledge you cannot take your current res and copy it to smp3. so you will have to leave your house behind :(. And please remember once your unclaim a lot your house and all will be gone forever! you will have to construct a new one! so dont move over to smp3 and reset your lot then change your mind and go back to smp2! it will all be gone. Anymore questions?
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  3. :/

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  4. It's a nice home. It's your call whether you're willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and move to SMP3 when it's released.
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  5. its a very amazing house but this is currently the only way :( I am sorry. Maybe with the release of the new server populations will go down on smp2. youl just have to wait and see
  6. that picture is horribly outdated. if you want to see what it is now, go to 4269 on SMP2