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  1. so if i have two res plots and i unclaim my first one, does my second one become my first one? like if a situation were to come up and i lost my supporter status, would that still be there?
  2. dunno lol never thought i just hope that SMP4 is never out of res' or i have to give mine up :/
  3. so none of the mods or admins know the answer to this?

    the reason i'm asking is i want to switch my main res to another res, essentially making my 2nd res my 1st res and vice versa. is this possible?
  4. At the current time, no this is impossible, sorry. :(

    However, if you want to make your 2nd res your 1st res due to your supporter expiring, there's no need! Although in the future this may not be the case, currently you don't loose your reses of if your gold/diamond expires.
  5. i wanna keep my res' if i cant afford to be supporter maybe only reset res' if they're are demands for them in SMP4 we have about 20 left thats enough!! :p
  6. ICC has said how the policy will work, I'll try and dig it up.
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  7. Thanks :p PM me or post on here
  8. Please note that this is NOT the current policy, it's what may happen in the future.
  9. i dont want it to happen, sometimes I cant afford supporter but i have ive had it for 2 months and if i cant afford it i wanna keep my res' would this apply from gold > free
  10. Darn cause I'm no longer gold and I wanna keep both my residences, when the time comes.
  11. From what I can tell about the policy, yes it would. However, it looks like there's a small grace period (eg. 10 days) between your supporter expiring and your res becoming derelicy.

    Also, your res wont automatically be taken off you. It'll be how it is on the normal policy - it can be reclaimed by the system if it needs to make space or people will be able to get Shaun/Cow to unclaim it for them.
  12. So only if the server has res' in demand?
  13. It's kinda hard to explain, although I get the idea that it'll be like the current one. You res probably wont unclaim on the 10th (or whatever) day, but it will be unclaimed at some point. Also, anyone who wants your res will be able to get it unclaimed.

    The current system works like this:
    If you don't login for 10 days then your res will be be queued for unclaiming. This means that people who have been away longer for you will be higher in the queue, therefore unclaimed first.

    I imagine that after the X amount of days that the supporter derelict policy has, you'll be added to the bottom of that queue.