Question about res griefing

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  1. So I go on about a few minutes ago, and everything's dandy. I decide I want to shear my sheep, so I get a few shears, go out my door, and find this...


    Every. Single. Animal. Out of their cages, with all of the gates open, roaming my res. I did have the use flag set to true, but I did that so that a single pressure plate would work. I have a feeling it's partially my fault for having that on, but it's also whoever's fault for having the "kindness" in them to irritate me a bit more than I want to be right now. Is there any sort of help that I can get, or am I basically going to be rounding up animals for a few hours?
  2. Sorry, but there's not a lot we can do for something like that. I'd egg em all up and start over :(
  3. Firstly, pressure plates don't need use. :)

    Animals seem to like glitching through blocks annoyingly - so that could be the cause - not a griefer. Remember that it's probably easier to just eggify the sheep, and allow them to regrow, although you will have to buy new dyes for them.
  4. You don't have to have /res set use true enabled for pressure plates. Also if the plates were in the pens, the idiot animals open them themselves. As far as doors, I used to login all the time and my doors would be wide open so I would place pressure plates that would automatically close them.

    Also lately after the new updates animals have been stupidly glitchy again. They used to glitch out and vanish, now they just glitch out and wander around or as babies, they drown.
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  5. I've seen one or two sheep or cows glitch through the fences, but I was fine with that. I don't think that it would happen on this scale.
    I don't have any pressure plates on the fences, but it helps to know that I don't need the flag set to true so this doesn't happen. Like I said, only one or two would glitch out. All the fences were open, so it was the work of someone else, and I always have them closed.

    I'm trying to get it under control right now, and I think I'll build in-ground pens instead.
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  6. Okay, problem solved. I already had the materials to make the colors that I already had. I kinda wish that whoever did it would have been caught, but then again, I have endured much worse than a few(85) animals loose.
    I don't want to be thanking whoever did this or anything, but this actually helped me in getting organized with how many animals I have and saving space, because I'm not a very organized person.
  7. Sorry about this, but I see this as a great time for true bondage with your sheep, they need reassurance, it's a hard life out there.
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  8. Too bad I had to restart all 69 of their lives by egging them. Now they think that I'm their mother.
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  9. Yes. Just conveniently that number -_-
  10. It's not my fault that it just so happened to be that number when I egg'd all of them.
    I'm not joking, It came out to be that number.