Question about locking items in the wild

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  1. If you put a [lock] sign, and on the third line put "everyone" will it be the same as an [access] everyone sign, meaning that people can use an item (in this case an enchantment table), but not destroy it?

    I was unsure after reading the section on locking in the Guide.
  2. I don't think it works; I came across an enchant table which was locked "Everyone" and I couldn't use it - it just said "This item is locked". IDK if I could have removed it - probably not, but I didn't try.
  3. I will laugh the day someone with the username of "Everyone" joins the game.
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  4. That would be hilarious! Wouldn't do them much good though.

    I wish it would work though. I don't see why it couldn't be done. :(
    I want to make a public enchanting table at this skeleton grinder I just finished fixing up.
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  5. Don't bother, we all know what's going to happen if the spawner goes public.
  6. Well, the thing about this grinder is that it was made originally by griefers. I stumbled upon it today on Utopia when I was doing some branch mining. I didn't recognize the names on the chests, so I did /p and learned that both of them had been permanently banned for griefing.

    I was curious to see how well a job they did, and well, the thing was just sad. Apparently they didn't learn much about building grinders from destroying them! I'm no expert, but this thing was just... wrong. They had only a one block area around the spawner block for the mobs to spawn, and they had some goofy piston contraption that was supposed to push the skeletons into a little channel that eventually dropped them 5 whole blocks to the killing floor.

    I decided to fix it up and get it working in the hopes the the good citizens of Utopia might get a little use out of what the griefers mucked up. I used the pistons to make a mini-automatic melon farm, and generally prettied the place up. It might get griefed, but bah -- it was a fun afternoon's project. If the good players don't build things in the wild, then the griefers have all the fun, and that simply will not do, imho.
  7. Not to be a pain, but that is kinda the opposite. If the good players build in the wild, the griefers have fun. Not trying to get you to stop though:) Since its on utopia, it is much less likely to be griefed too:D
  8. I see your point. Like, if we never built anything then there would be nothing to grief, but still, it's the having fun part that's important.
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  9. Not just important, but part of the rules:)
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  10. That sounds really nice.

    If you need anything else doing to it, let me know.

    I suggest maybe, don't actually announce the location in public, but ask people to PM you for the co-ords; that's possibly-likely to make it last longer.

    As for enchant - I think you'd have to risk it (although I will PM you one idea).
  11. That's right. It's the first rule I try and enforce! Just remember . . I AM WATCHING YOU!
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