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  1. I am putting together an enchanted book specialty shop. I want to buy and sell all enchanted books but I do not have every book. So is there a way to the /iteminfo on enchanted books that I do not have yet? I have looked all over the place trying to find an enchanted book id list but I have not had any luck thus far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
  2. /iteminfo works perfectly fine. Just put a sign close to the chest shop you made telling the enchantment(s). All the enchants wouldn't fit on a single sign. :p
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  3. To sell and buy enchanted books you must use [SLOT #] # is the # of that enchant, if you have a full DC of one book for example It could look like...
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  4. each book as 3 different item IDs depending on whether you got them from: a villager trade, an enchanting table, or an anvil.
    so you're better off using the [slot] # tag for your signs. :) you can set up a system to refill the slot after each purchase with some hoppers and a comparator.
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  5. So basically what you are saying is that the 403-XX number doesn't mean much... Now I have to have 2 signs per chest, one to tell what that book is and one for the sale price. Now I need to rip it all out and start over... :( Because I don't have enough room to do that.

    The [slot #] thing is a little confusing, if I have a SC of Silk Touch books and but [SLOT 27] does that mean all 27 slots are available? Or does it mean ONLY slot 27 is available? If it is all available then therefore [SLOT 10] means 1 thru 10 are for sale and 11 thru 27 will not be sold?? I am a total noob to the shop thing...
  6. you can use a set up like this:

    with the shop chest looking like this:

    the hopper looking like this:

    and the inventory for the shop on the top like this:

    although to avoid worring about accidentally selling someone a stone block instead of the book you could just let the hopper fill with the books themself instead
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  7. Thank you very much. :)
  8. I had to re-do my shop 3 times man, every single book :p buy and sell.
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  9. Hoppers aren't necessary, you are correct Dresden with [SLOT 27] selling the item in all 27 slots. :)
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  10. Thank you for answering the last question! And thanks all you guys for giving me a hand with this shop business. :cool:
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