Question About Force Claiming

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  1. I know that when someone goes derelict you can force claim there res for 5000r but I'm a regular member not a supporter or anything. I'm i allowed to do this or will I have to be diamond or gold to get that res and own it?
  2. Don't Think You Need To Be A Supporter...
  3. Beeing regular member, you would have to unclaim your current residence to be able to claim or forceclaim another residence. If you want to have more than 1 residence available to be claimed, you would need to become gold supporter (2 residences) or diamond supporter (4 residences).
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  4. Any player can use the forceclaim command
  5. Oh! Wow thanks!
  6. any player with an open res can forceclaim
  7. Wait but how many res's can I own because I'm a regular member
  8. 1
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  9. regular and iron supporters are only given a single residence
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  10. Regular members and Iron Supporters are able to have 1 res at a time, whilst Gold can hold 2 and Diamond 4.
    Haha, such a simple reply! :D
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