Question about Ender Chest.

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  1. Ender chest work one per world so I'm guessing one per smp right? If so than can you have a chest where your grinder is and one at your res and transfer items from wild to your res? For example i have alot of blaze rods i can put them in my ender chest and pick them up from the chest at my res? How will this work and sorry if this has been asked before.
  2. no ender cheast dont work in smp wourlds you cant even craft one the /vault acts as a ender cheast
  3. Yes that will work fine also on smp if you place a enderchest its yours and other people can't use theirs to open yours.
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  4. How do you know they don't work if they haven't updated to 1.3.1 here yet?
  5. sorry i was wrong
  6. if one only works per smp/world, whos to say you just up and get it?
  7. The enderchest would kind of just act like a free vault. But only for a particular server. It'd be a way to ensure you get those diamonds out of those mines.
  8. I mean if its now vanilla to be far away from your house and transfer items to a chest in you house from thousands blocks away why not here right?
  9. Tis true.