Question about Enchanted Items and Shop Chests

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  1. Sorry if this has been covered somewhere and I couldn't find it, but what are the limitations on selling enchanted items via shop chests?

    I get conflicting reports from players about what can and cannot be sold with a sign. Is it items with multiple enchantments, items over a certain amount, only certain enchantments, or what, that will not work with a shop sign?

    I've built a big shop to sell enchanted items, recruited sellers, and I'm ready to fill it up, but I want to make sure everything that cannot be sold via shop sign is properly labeled and away from the other merchandise.

    Please help :D
  2. I am not sure the exact limit, if an item has one or two enchantments, it works fine. When it starts getting into a ton of them it doesn't fit on the sign and it breaks...
  3. So, to be safe, I should not try to sell items with three or more enchants via chest?
  4. That would probably be good idea unless you have an extra extra extra large sign in your minecraft inventory.
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  5. Do /iteminfo it'll give you the item number put that and the script will figure somthing out. Just put a sign next to it pointing to it saying this is BLANK.