Question about docm77's iron farm

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  1. I have seen in the video that you must leave 65 blocks between each tower.

    So I made a mistake and left only 64 blocks

    Is this mistake will effect the iron farm ??
  2. Unfortunately yes, it will. Villages have a minimun radius of 33 blocks (DocM's villages have this radius) and they check another 32 blocks out for new doors, if any is found then the village grows to include that new door.

    In DocM's design, having each village separated by only 64 blocks would cause the villages to merge, and the golems would appear in the middle point.

    If you want to patch this without having to destroy everything, what you can do is shoufle the doors; remove one or two doors on the side of the village that is facing the other village, and put them on the oposite site, this will move the center of the village away from the other village, preventing them from merging. The only problem is by moving the center of the village you decrease the spawn area of the golems, but by moving only 1 or 2 doors this shouldn't be too much.
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  3. Ok ididn't get it. So I have a few questions:

    1- when I remove 1 or 2 doors from the other village; your meaning by putting them in the opposite site is:

    •putting it in the opposite site of the block or putting it in the opposite site of the village (the village facing it) ????

    2- if I make this, is it will work like I left 65 block or less efficiency ???

    3- I have another 3 towers (6 spawn cells), if the new tower goes wrong is it will effect the other towers ???
  4. Move doors only within a village, so that the wall of the village that is facing the other village has less doors than the wall that is facing away from the other village. The best way to do it is to move only 1 door in each of the two villages, that way the adverse effects will be lessened. (But I'm not sure if only 1 door will be enough to prevent the villages from mergin, to be safe, you can do 2 doors on each village, or test it).

    It will be slightly less efficient, let me elaborate: golems spawn in a box around the village center, DocM design is optimised so that both spawn platforms correspond exactly to this box. If you move the center of the village, then the box the golems could spawn will move also, and will not correspond exactly with the platforms, so there will be some golems that will fail to spawn since now the wall of the spawn platform will be on their way. Still It's a very small loss.

    I assume you're constructing them in a square, then the problem only happens with villages along the edges of the square (there should be separated by 65 blocks), villages diagonally across the square are much more than 65 blocks apart in the correct construction, so an error of only 1 block would not affect them.

    Hope that answers everything, if you still have questions go ahead and ask.
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  5. Helpful answer.

    I will probably destroy the new spawn cell before making another one above it. And rebuild it 1 block farther. This will be awful because I am makin it inside a mountain so I will dig more. But that worth the efficiency.

    Thank you for your time and effort :)
  6. Actually. You should be fine. villages have a radius of 32 blocks. So the CENTERS of the villages need to be at least 65 blocks apart. So from my personal experience. You should have gods plenty of room in there.
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  7. and chicken swoops in for the win!
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