Question about Derelicts

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  1. So, this isn't for me or anyone and I guess now after re-reading it's not a question. But anyway. I was curious, plus others might want to know.

    On SMP5 by my res are 10183 and 10184 where the first owner hasn't been on in 1oo+ days and the other in 50+ days, there were also reses around mine on 7 that the owners hadn't been on in forever. I don't really want them but it would be nice if they could be cleared so that they could be used instead of just sitting there.

    I know you can have a residence reset if you ask but I don't really want to spam staff by private messaging them and asking and wasting their time if it's a case where someone has to ask for the res first or whatever.
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  2. The way the derelict policy works is that when a player is offline for more then the derelict period there name is added to a list. This list is then used automatically by the server to unclaim the oldest derelicts when it requires some vacant lots for new players to claim. We can over-ride this manually if we need to disable it over update period or if a player wishes to claim a derelict for themselves, but otherwise we prefer to let the server manage it automatically.

    We have found this to be quite an efficient system, as it usually gives players much more time before they risk losing their lot, as well as keeps some lots free for players to use. Some lots are more in demand then others, so if you have a close-to-spawn lot remember to keep an eye on it as there may be someone who wants it. :p