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  1. I'm new to the forums and I have a pickaxe I want to auction. I don't really understand how it works since there's multiple servers? Am i supposed to put what server am I on?
    Thanks in advance
  2. You can put what server your on, it really doesn't matter though.
    Heres the lay out of that should be done :

    Starting Bid:

    Minimum Bid Increments:

    Auction Ending Time:

    This is just what it should look like. :)

    ( fill in the blanks when having an auction. ) :)
  3. Put what condition it is in too

    Do you wish to learn grey text?
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  4. You can only auction off brand new items.
  5. I wish to learn gray text and how to spot them!
    EDIT: PM me!
  6. Me? :confused:
  7. For instance, an example auction would be in the COMMUNITY AUCTION forum section. It would look like this:
    Thread Title: [Auction] Silk Touch 1 Diamond Pickaxe

    [Inside the thread]
    Item: Silk Touch 1 Diamond Pickaxe

    Starting Bid: 1200

    Minimum Bid Increments: 100

    Auction Ending Time: 12 Hours After Last Bid
    Once auction is over, post the winner and private message him saying meet me *insert location* at *insert time* for the pickaxe.

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  8. *cough* go to more colors and type this in #2a2a2a *cough*
  9. Wait so how will they win it if they're on different servers?
  10. When in town you have access to /vault it costs 10r every time you open it. Items placed in /vault will be available on any EMC server you log into. So if the customer wants delivery, just put the pick in your vault login to the customer's server and open your vault to get the item to give to them.
  11. Ok thank you very much that helped :D Thank you everyone
  12. do #2a2a2a in more colors section
  13. Wheres more color section XD