Question about Animals out in the Wasteland

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  1. I couldn't find the answer to this and I haven't used an outpost in awhile so I was wondering if you have animals out in either the Frontier or Wastelands and you either log off or leave the chunk, are they going to despawn?

    What are the mechanisms regarding this?
  2. Peaceful mobs don't despawn, they have to be killed if you want them gone. On the other hand hostile mobs will despawn if the chunks are unloaded.
  3. That is what made the chickens so fun!
    Most peaceful mobs will stick around, even babies, except for the wild ocelots? (Or do they run so fast I just can never find them again?)
    Hostile mobs will indeed despawn as long as it is not a Momentus or Marlix. Pigmen is the other 'iffy' mobs that may or may not be hostile when you log off and back on.
  4. Regardless pigmen still despawn. :p And I think you're right about ocelots!
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