Quest for signatures!

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  1. I, Bunkerllama, have officially decided that I am going to ATTEMPT to get as many signatures possible from the community of EMC. All the signatures that i get will be included in my library!
    If you would like to participate in this..thing.. follow these steps!

    1) Get a book and quill (As I cannot afford to provide over 10,000 books)
    2) Write a message into the book
    3) When you click sign, please put your name in the title
    4) Leave a chest with Perms for me to pick it up at your res
    5) PM me on the forums telling me what res and server to pick it up at


    To Set up a box with perms, as quoted in the Empire Guide:

    "In your residence you can give players access to a single button, chest or other supported items. All you do is put a sign ABOVE it and place the word access on the first line, and the players names on the other lines"
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  2. Mhmm Good Luck
  3. Yes, i shall need it :p
  4. I have a stockpile of books, so I can sign you one. And have a little fun too.
  5. Lol cool :) Just make sure you PM me the res i can pick it up at!
  6. Oh, i will be using Access to keep track of people who have signed books for me.
  7. Here. In a chest with your name on it 701, SMP1. Remember you can't take books through the vault.
  8. Yes you can :)
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  9. Since when?
    Well I didn't read the whole thing! It may be my fault, but I don't have to acknowledge my mistake!
  10. Didn't the vault update fix that?

    As for the quest, I wish you luck, I did try to do something like this, but only got so far before running into the same people lol
  11. I must of not read that part. I thought they said they were working on it.
  12. Thats why Im using Microsoft Access as a database to keep track of the people who have signed and havent signed. Would love to have your sig btw :)
  13. Went to res, saw chest, no book :(
  14. What?! Oh. Please wait.
  15. Lol okay :p
  16. Got quite a bt of signatures already! Keep them coming guys!