Queen's Highrise Center/Store

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  1. 18005 Queen's Highrise Center
    Lots of items to choose from, reasonable prices. free to use crafting and enchantment rooms, future additions include villager trading and an enchantment items floor. periodic upgrades to the shop sometimes includes the addition of new items for sell.

    i ask that players please not buy me out of stock for the purpose of reselling the items. i do not hire workers so i am the only person that restocks my shop. if anything is out of stock at the time of your visit, please check back abit later as i restock my shop every 2-3 days.

    please do not ask that i lower my prices. my prices are the best possible average of all the large shops on all the emc servers combined( prices subject to change accordingly based off current supply and demand) . i actually took the time to study these prices to come up with the average prices i have. also i will not contribute to the failing of our economy by selling items at a ridiculously low price just to sell them fast. my goal is to provide players with a place to buy items for a reasonable price where they can be assured that most of the time the items will be in stock when they need it.

    Have a suggestion that i might be able to add to the center to better your experience? post them here.
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  2. Have you seen my prices? :rolleyes: That and I found SMP1 is a rip off! While SMP4 is so cheap :D
  3. yes while some shops are so very high, other are way to low. so i used that info to come to a basic average, thats how i price my shop. be4 i add a new item i study the other shops that already sell it, so that i can price accordingly :)
  4. Woah! Never seen so much smarticles put into pricing xD
  5. well i look at it the same as if it were a real life business. basicly if you price too high no1 will buy it. if you sell too low, 1 person will buy you out leaving none for any1 else which in turn will leave ur shop always out of stock. in both cases, in the long run a bad reputation to have later as players will remember this and eventually just stop visiting.

    i am willing to put the time and effort into it to make sure that i can give the players i sell to the best possible experience so that they will remember me as a good shop and eventually visit my shop again.
  6. I'm ill at the moment and trying to get 9139 restocked again is going to be hard leaving it for 1-2 days normally sells everything out :/