Quartz Ore Service - Taking Orders

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  1. You Can Order Single Chests and Double Chests of quartz ore off me!

    Single Chest: 35,000 r
    Double Chest: 70,000 r

    The wait time will be 5 days to 25 days depending on how much people of orded off me.
    You can pay an additional 30,000 r for a fast track to get your ore within the first 5 days (If it doesn't arrive and its my fault then you have 25% off your order)
    Orders can be adapted to how you want.

    Please direct message me to order!

    ~TheBigDictionary SMP8, UTOPIA
  2. I will order some if you can give it to me in he form of Quartz flakes or blocks. :)
  3. Yes I can supply them too
  4. I want to have 5 stacks off then how much
  5. 49 stacks would be 45,500 r
  6. 5stacks of Quartz ore not Quartz blocks
  7. You just want 5 stacks?
  8. Yes
  9. It would be 4,600 r. Please direct message me to place an official order :)
  10. Ill take 1 dc please! asap!
  11. Please direct message me to place an official order
  12. I would raise your prices a bit (after my order though please). :p Or if you can keep up with orders this is bad news for the price of quartz.