Quartz Blocks Price Drop?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by KiraShizumi, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. So, here's the plan guys;

    I'm going to be mining a DC of Quartz Ore every single day for the next 18 days (until my 21st birthday) and on the day after my birthday (July 1st) I'm going to mine every DC of Quartz Ore, turn it all into blocks, and sell all of them.

    tl;dr if the price of Quartz dramatically drops, you'll know who to blame ;)
  2. :D I would like to see it drop so please do this!
  3. I hope it goes up in price :p it's making me rich!
  4. i dont think it will drop any, its already pretty cheap
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  5. The price is 80k - 90k right?
  6. Planned economic crash? Not sure if serious or waste of time you could be using to bake cakes.
  7. I don't think 4-5 DC's of quarts blocks is enough to collapse an economy with thousands of players.
  8. Yes!
    thank you very much, quartz needs this xD
  9. 19 DCs of quartz ore will equal out to roughly 7 DCs of quartz blocks, possibly 8-9 if I use a Holiday Pick on them all.

    But still, you may be right.
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  10. Isn't a quartz block = 4 pieces of quartz? :s
  11. If one or two sentences needs a tl;dr version, it will mean i have lost all faith in humanity.

    I have lost all faith in humanity.
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  12. Just gotta keep this supply away from kyzoy. >:D
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  13. Give me back my sword >.<!
  14. My bad, I'll get that out to you later tonight! ;)