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  1. Hello there guys! Welcome to Quarterstop Inc. Supply Co. We will supply whatever you need and free delivery! If you would like to submit an order please follow the format that we have provided at the very bottom of this post, and post it as a reply. You can set a deadline for your items, however please be aware that there are people in-front of you, and the deadline cannot be shorter than 48 hours, 2 days, the prices may be updated, and when they are updated we will let you know on this. All pickups will be at 6003, on smp3.

    20r a Stack
    500r a SC
    950r a DC
    35r a stack
    945 a SC
    1,890 a DC
    30r a stack
    750r a SC
    1,400r a DC
    57r a stack
    1,450r a SC
    2,875r a DC
    Sandstone ( all types, creeper, smooth etc. ):
    120r a stack
    3,000r a SC
    5,800r a DC
    510r a stack
    13770 a SC
    27540 a DC
    Hardened Clay (max 5 stacks per account):
    300r a stack
    Clay Blocks (max 5 stacks per account):
    250r a stack
    Nether Brick:
    95r a stack
    2565 a SC
    5130 a DC
    15r a stack
    405 a SC
    810 a DC

    Order Form!
    Optional Deadline ( Please be specific, no ASAP) :
    Pickup or Delivery (If delivery please specify where):

    Total Cost:

  2. QuarterStop Inc. Supply Co. is negotiating on an agreement for supplying 908! We will tell you guys how it goes with prices, stocking and delivery times etc. :)
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  3. Do you supply bulk logs at all, or are you interested in?
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  4. I might do logs once im back from vaca but the amount i would be able to get daily is alot lowerthan the amount of sand i could get :p a sc in a day is my record so far......
  5. Can you be more specific? I.E. Type, amount
  6. All logs, in DC quantities.
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  7. Champ and I can get them, but it's up to Quarter to set a price.
  8. Why do you need so many logs?
    also lego you can get oak and jungle ill take spruce and birch once i get back
  9. For my store :)
  10. Contact me, and my workers directly via a PM we can work somthing out.
  11. more bumps
    (we ain't going to be doing any more log orders so just ignore ac)