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  1. Im opening a brand new buissines at resident 8182 :D
    Its not a regular shop, I'm only selling Quartz , Snow , Packed Ice and Glowstone.
    Alot of people need those four items but they're always out of stock :(
    So I thought why not make a shop that only sells those four ( I can spend alot of time on those instead of other things like wood and flowers )

    At this moment the Buying part is not openend yet ( soon will be )
    But I hope you guys can come and take a look at the selling part :D
    I hope you guys can sell me something ( make money of it or see it as an donation ) so its easyer for me to start.

    Hope to see some of u soon :€

    ~Marijn Lange
  2. Awesome! I might buy out your Quartz....been needing some :p but the wastelands are resetting so we'll see ;)