[Q&A] 1111th day on the Empire!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by NickkG, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. Hello the Empire Community!!

    Today marks my 1111th day on the Empire, and it has been an amazing journey since day one. Growing with the empire, and seeing all the changes that happens thought out my time here has been amazing. I have never done a Question and Answer, but today I am changing that! Let the games begin!

    (Please make sure that the questions are appropriate, and of course nothing to personal :p)
  2. BUmp!
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  3. Whats your fav. thing about EMC?
  4. The community how even in tough times we get though it! Making suggestions to make EMC better, and helping each other out is what I love to see!
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  5. Hiya! Grats on 1111 :D

    What biome is your res on? (if you've got more than 1, just your first res).
  6. Well what's awesome is all my res's are next to each other in a square! (4 res's) My first residence is in a Forest Biome!
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