Pyramid of pumpkins

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  1. Hi guys
    I read that we(Empire minecraft community) already have built some pyramids and now that you can farm pumpkins,I was wondering if we shouldent build a pumpkin pyramid.I have already begun planning an collecting pumpkins but to build it,I am going to need a another residence,And on the other side of the rode by my residence,number 848 is free.IF i could get that,Then I could build a huge pyramid out of pumpkins..

    So I´m asking for two things now:
    1.The resedence 848
    2.And some support with pumpkins,Not nessesary but would make it a whole lot easier.

    Its never too late
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  2. Go to res 706 for a good price on pumpkins, as for getting res 848 I don’t think that would be fair to all the other players on the server, do you?
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  3. Well,Yeah,Cous id be donating a Cultarel place XD
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  4. Cultural place or not being the only person in the server with two pots would cause way more conflicted than necessary. To put it simply if they gave you two pots they would have to do that for everyone. I’m not saying that I don’t like your idea; it would actually be pretty cool to see. It just doesn’t seem like a realistic request when trying to keep a fair (one res per person) system. On the other hand there is lots of space in Utopia. J
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  5. why not open a community plot? and have it built there? or better yet save the idea and get the materials and maybe a second town will be given to us soon?
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  6. Duck has made a little PP <--------- Jeremy hates that name for it (sorry jeremy) thats what duck calls it anyways, check it out if u want, ROCK ON!
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