Pyramid of Fire

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  1. So this is my residence, thought i'd share. Still a work in progress. Feel free to visit 210 and check it out in person.

    Ceiling Mural (Supposed to represent the sun)

    The Obsidian Shop


    And what good Pyramid doesn't have secret passages and trap floors?

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  2. Awesome!! And it looks so good next to Starcraft1535's lava pyramid :)
  3. lava pyramid and now a flaming pyramid what is this wizardry you have going on O_O
  4. Maybe someone super rich can do a glowstone pyramid :)
  5. glowstone? how about diamond or gold or obsidian??
  6. Mmm Obsidian Pyramid nice idea
  7. no problem :) if you need help to aquire massive amounts of it let me know i will be selling it soon but seeing as you will need mass quantities possible discounts may be involved such as bulk purchases(stacks) for a reasonable fee :)
  8. lost im down to do it but we out of space we need to build it near the flaming and lava pyramids :p
  9. Wow, that looks amazing. How many hours did this take you? (Including collecting building materials)
  10. When I posted those images it was about 5 hours, maybe 6 to include the gathering of the Netherrack. As it stands now it's been about 11 with the new rooms added.
  11. Looks good mate, Keep on building yea !!!!!
  12. Looks great! I like the creative ideas you put inside the pyramid, rather than just empty space.
  13. i love the trap doors
  14. Absolutely fantastic. I just cant get enough resources without dieing. But nice residence. :)