PwngeBdaman and I mine under SMP2

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  1. Err, so we decided to take a huge walk around the North outpost of SMP2. I mean, a very large trip of digging around the spawn (very far below) just to see if anything interesting existed. Sure enough, PwngeBdaman mined upwards just so he could get outta there. I didn't realize how much we needed to get out until I realized that us both hit bedrock while digging.

    So here was out trek out; making tons of stairs, finding loads of iron and coal in the process. I even remember creating a treasure chest for some random explorer to find. (see attatchment; don't worry, take it, as all of EMC have my permission.)

    But then, our hydrophobia kicks in. Pwnge brought a bunch of diamond tools, so he suggests I die first via water. I don't, and continue to try finding another way. Oddly enough, we found a pool of cavewater and stalagmites of coal! As we got out of that, the two of us finally decide to find an area high enough to dig under without drowning too early. With a HUGE pool of water enclosing the tunnel, we decide to swim up. Hallelujah, SMP2. We survived that random cave with 0.00 monsters, mineshafts or dungeons in it. (but lotsa minor ores, though).

    To conclude this adventurer's entry, I say that someone else find this treasure chest and prove it. There's some decent stuff in that chest; no diamonds, but still some good rewards for your residence. It's also where PwngeBdaman and I stored a boatload of leftover cobblestone, in case anyone wants that. I'm giving just one hint, and that's go west of the spawn of the North outpost. Good luck finding our mark in SMP2.

    (Not my best writing, per se, but it is a fair summary of what I did near the spawn. Don't worry; the damages to the environment are few to none.)

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