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  1. Hi Empire!

    I just excited to say that i've started up and finished (nearly everything) on my PvP Server. PvPWorld

    I can only give the IP in PM and please can no one post it on here, public chat, forums etc only /tell or PM's. Skype etc is allowed

    So yeah just PM me!

    Owner: nfell2009
    Co-owner: Fellyboy
    Senior Admin: ben_taylor
    Senior Moderator: prof_genius
  2. Hi nfell i would like to know your skype so i can go on
  3. Pretty cool Nfell! I would like to come on and play! :p
  4. As would I!
  5. How much ram and how many slots?
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  6. Thats the guy who whined and twisted the words about not getting bedrock, right?
  7. Thinking its a PvP server, probably 60.
  8. BUt you need a little bit of ram for 60 pplz. i have my server run with 20gb RAM. iw as wondering how much he used.
  9. Hopefully Nfell can inform use with this information.
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  10. I cant remember how much I selected I will check.

    Skype: nfell2009
    I will give IP on there too and the slots can nd mostly like will increase