[PVP] weekly PVP tourney!

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  1. Me and techninja_42 are hosting a mighty great PVP weekly tournament, Fridays 4:30 EST at smp6 /v pvp because that is where the PVP arena is. Prizes will not be given every time. This is for fun! :)
    When we choose a arena, go in the arena AND WAIT FOR US TO SAY "Start". This seems to be a huge issue.
    If it's no items, NO ITEMS AT ALL. If you spectate, spectate from the OUTSIDE.
    Listen to us, or you won't get the prize, and there is one almost every week
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  2. Any questions or comments, just post below.
  3. It's cool though how could you block players from coming in that shouldn't?
  4. Yeah, won't people just re-enter? They have every right to.
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  5. I could ask a staff member to help maybe, or I could keep track of who dies by death message and by just looking in the arena.
    And I'm thinking for the first tournament, I will have
    Bows only
    No armor
    No items, no armor, fistfight
  6. I'll try to come up with something fun to compete for on the first PVP event :D Either way it'll be fun..watching you guys kill each other lol
  7. Lol
  8. [WARNING]
    Just because we are hosts does not excludes us from fighting.
    But we will not fight the entire thing, and not both of us can be fighting at the same time...
  9. We will not be able to win the match, but that doesn't mean we can't join in and help assist the homicides lol
  10. To be honest, I don't see how this can work without it erupting in chaos...To many things people could do reenter the arena.
  11. 12430 has one of the prizes up in a item frame!!
    A diamond renamed block signifying your the winner :D
  12. It has been postponed to next week due to problems of how to keep track of who dies.
  13. This will be fun on friday!!!
  14. I thin. We will start doing one on one, or depending on how much people will come we may do up to five on five, or something.
  15. starting in a few min :D
  16. starting, come if you would like t participate
  17. we need more people participating, come to smp6 now!
  18. postponed once again due to unavailability of players :(:mad:
  19. Bump! :) the event is tomorrow
  20. So, how do you actually plan on keeping track of it? People could always re-enter or wear/use something that in your rules is not allowed. I also think that other people playing PvP (If they are) may interfere or vice versa, as this is not a split event as such. I am just interested as to how you are going to overcome these problems as you have not mentioned? :p