PVP server

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by dragio25, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. should we add a PVP server for those ones that want some action in the empire
  2. I don't like pvp really but lots of people would LOVE this.
  3. There have been many discussions on this and it has been decided that the empire is pvp free.
  4. i no but i never mentioned every one would have to join and play it will just be one server for those loving a bit of PVP
  5. So, I'm actually not in favor of pvp myself, but what exactly is EMC's rationale on this? I'm pretty sure "pvp" is too short to search the forums for (I just tried), and I've never seen any reasoning mentioned in any kind of faq. I could just be blind, though.

    It would seem to me that having multiple servers would lend itself to sectioning off anybody who did want to pvp, that's all.
  6. PVP will NEVER be allowed in the Empire. If you really want pvp, look somewhere else. Most Economy servers (including this one) do not have pvp and never will.
  7. I agree with MEINCRAVTA. Having PVP kind of defeats the purpose of an economy server.
  8. I copied what Justin said to the letter lol.
  9. Justin, along with the full support of the community and the moderation team have decided that there will be no PvP server ever with EMC, sorry. If you want PvP, there's nothing stopping you from using another server alongside our's. :)