PvP logging discussion

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Should there be a limit to this logging extreme?

No. 1 vote(s) 12.5%
Yes. 4 vote(s) 50.0%
What is logging. 1 vote(s) 12.5%
Maybe. 1 vote(s) 12.5%
Meow 1 vote(s) 12.5%
  1. As many of you have felt the pain of it... logging, but I have run into the worst of it today. So there was a team of 4, I went afk to do something. Came back and 2 were gone... the other 2 starting logging to an extreme I didn't think possible. They would fire at you once, log to a different part of the map. Then they started just logging as fast as then can. As in logging every half a second. I know the pain everyone.

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  2. I saw it. I know how you feel. plz log limit
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  3. do you mean logout or simply teleport? Can't stop a logout, but I would consider someone logging out as a personal "I win"
  4. Given that EMC isn't a PvP based server and that if someone accidentally chose the wrong arena or wants to get quick inside peaks of the arena without dying. I see no need in this becoming a thing, it would merely be more code for the server to check on that isn't really that necessary. If loggers bother you than simply don't fight in their arena, ignore them, or walk away =)
  5. I mean things like
    /pvp@blue2 then .5 seconds later /pvp@blue5 etc
  6. I agree and disagree with this:

    Agreeing by understand how the PVP arenas become unfun to play, giving players an advantage to kill you easily,but...

    Disagreeing since this server is not mainly based on the PVP arenas, it is focused on survival and does not advertise the PVP arenas...
  7. This isn't the logging your thinking of, this is what I stated above, and they were the only people there...
  8. I understand what you mean, the only difference between logging out and typing '/pvp' is that one kicks you off and logs you in at the same spot, the other taking you outside of the arena. Whether or not they were the only people there isn't much of a matter though, cause that wouldn't always be the case =P
  9. I mean they just came came up instantly in a different part of the arena and just shot at me once then repeated
  10. Yeah, that's no fun. I'd just leave. They'd stop if nobody played against them.
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  11. Adding a simple time limit to commands shouldn't harm server performance. The server would only check the time limit if the person ran a command, and it may even only check it based on location if possible. This would mean that only those who are spamming commands could possibly have a remote change of harming performance, and the rest of the players would not.
  12. Going to block using named locations while you're in a colored zone and time limit on entering once you manually exit too.

    While we're not a PvP focused, we want people to play fair still, and will make small adjustments to the PvP arenas.
  13. Yeah, this is annoying. It's just not as fun as normal fighting. Once in a while I'll try to shoot myself to steal a kill from somebody, but the teleporting just seems obnoxious.
  14. Yes, it is annoying! (Sorry for leaving btw) and someone I have met starting being very rude saying stuff like "haha you can't get me!" Or " ha!!" And I feel like they are ACTING like a coward.
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