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  1. well i was in the the wild with a stack op cooked pork and full iron Armour and diamond tools i was holding shift so i didn't fall and a player on purpose pushed me down to my death so he could kill me and take my stuff. well he did just that and im mad about it can you please do something about this
  2. This is the wrong way to report someone. Also, in EMC, it really is, pics or it didn't happen.
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  3. i couldnt take pics and i am not banned and this did happen
  4. PM a mod the name of the player. Without screenshots and proper evidence the player probably will not get banned.
  5. I already know the name of the player, I simply removed it from his message because it shouldn't have been there.
  6. Unfortunately, there isn't much hope of the person being banned without screenshots unless something really obvious was said by the killer in chat (eg 'I am going to kill you. Woops, I didn't mean to pour lava over you. Actually, I did') or a mod happened to see it happen.
  7. you can ask other people on the server he killed me and you know what ask him
  8. Let's be honest: if you PvPed someone would you really tell a mod and get perma-banned?
  9. well this is ******** that i get banned and he gets to keep all my crap
  10. Hang on, you said you said you weren't banned?

    EDIT: Just checked your ban. It was for inappropriate language and only has 2 days left. How is this connected to PvP?
  11. well i didnt know im know banned for two days for language
  12. things like this is why i quit playing on servers like this
  13. Sorry, I got my words mixed up!

    If you swore, its your fault for getting banned.
  14. You mean well run servers that actually ban you when you do bad things? Yes, the person deserves to be banned for PvP but also, yes, you deserve to be banned for bad language (and it's only for 2 more days!) if you swore.
  15. He didn't kill you.
    You swore on EMC.

    Guess who gets banned.
  16. is said like 2 things because i was mad everyone gets mad
  17. Which is two times too many.
  18. Correct.. everyone gets mad. However, most people handle it better. If you can not handle yourself when you are angry, it is hard for other people to help you. So I am locking this thread. It no longer has any relevance.
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