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  1. Hey guys. So I made this gladiator arena, and I finished everything like rules, costs, etc. Then it occurred to me that I couldn't set PvP flags so the players could fight each other. I worked very hard on it, and it cost me a lot of time, rupees, and resources. I was wondering who I should contact if I want to be able to make my arena work. Thanks!
  2. you don't have pvp arenas on your res... its only on the specific areas they have built.
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  3. Sorry, players aren't allowed to have PvP on their res, the only place there is PvP on EMC is in the arenas on SMP6
  4. There is no chance that the PvP flag will be enabled on your res. EMC is a non PvP server, and only the only PvP will take place in the PvP arenas on smp6. We do not advertise that we have PvP, and the PvP arenas are really there because the staff got bored :p

    We need to limit the amount of PvP that happens so that players do not think it is the norm, and start killing people in the wild.
  5. Well that sucks....Oh well, I'll turn it into something else. Hopefully it won't be a total failure.
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  6. If it's an arena like structure, it can be easily used for other events. You could probably hold horse races or hire it out to people for some rupees.
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  7. Nah, it's not that big. Thanks for the suggestion though, might increase the size to make it like that.
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